Expand the possibilties of how people enjoy time in their citiesand make money while doing it!

Every Cliqup user can host others to activities when and wherever they like and charge users a fee if they are providing a service.

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Cook your favorite dish or teach a group on how to make it. Fix your price.
Music is your thing? why not invite a group to a private concert in your space.
You know the city inside out? make money while showing others the fun your city has to offer.
You have the best cocktail recipes to offer guests to a chilling evening? Go for it.
You have other exciting ideas to entertain new comers in your city? Simply Wow Us!
Sharing Activities as a Host allows you to

Gain more reach with your activities, post to a larger audience and build your own community of followers for your events

Get metrics on number of views and attendance on every activity with a dedicated group chat

Post an Activity as Host in 4 Easy Steps

Create an activity as a normal user and fill in the required details.

Choose the option “share as Host”.

Fill in additional required details for a Host activity.

Your activity will be posted in the “Explore” section of the app under “Hosts”.