Frequently Asked Questions

Is CLIQup free for users?

CLIQup is completely free for users. Users can create their own CLIQ, create activities and receive invites for free.

What is a CLIQ?

A CLIQ is a group of friends you have added on CLIQup. Your CLIQ can contain people you share similar interests with or those you simply feel you share a vibe with. This is similar to creating your own Friends Group. Every right-swipe on CLIQup sends the user a CLIQ request.

How can I organize/join an event?

Users can organize events on CLIQup by using the "plus" button on the Activities icon. Activities you have been invited to also show up on the Activities tab. You can receive or send Activity invites either within your CLIQ or from those around your location i.e. 100km radius.

Is CLIQup free for Businesses?

Businesses can list their services on CLIQup for free. However, you will need to have a paid subscription to post offers as a Business.

What are Offers for Businesses?

Offers allow users see more than just your Business Info on CLIQup. Offers are special packages or deals that can be posted for users to see. For example, a special cuisine by a Restaurant, discounted drinks by a Bar or a special dance party event by a Club can all be posted as offers on CLIQup.

How do I register my Business on CLIQup?

1. Download the CLIQup App 2. Click on CLIQup for Business on the Signup page 3. Follow the Signup process to complete registration 4. Your Business will be listed on the Locale side of Users with the information you provided once account creation is complete